TV subtitles ‘locked off’


Just wondering where I stand on this. Just back from a package tour holiday in Europe by a UK tour operator. We stayed in a 4* hotel. We had BBC channels on the cable tv. Went to put on subtitles only to find the only options we had was language and sleep timer. It appears the tv was locked to ‘hotel mode’ which basically means that no one can alter/retune or faff about with the tv. My mum has exactly the same model of tv so it is not a hardware issue. When I asked the duty manager about it- he phoned back to our room to say ‘you can’t get subtitles in our country’. My husband told him we had stayed in small hotels in same country and always got subtitles. 

The next day we tried again - only to get another manager gesticulating with arms out, shrugging shoulders and puffing cheeks out saying ‘I don’t know’. I went to the tour company rep and filled out form and he promised to speak to owners and get back. He never did. I have raised it now with Head Office who have to now investigate. 

I am not asking for reasonable adjustment or be made because the tv already has the ability to display subtitles. It is a case of discrimination because the hotel have chosen to deny me access to subtitles. 

As this is an EU country which is at fault here - is anyone able to advise what legal recourse I have should it get that far. It marred my enjoyment of the holiday because my husband was able to watch and enjoy the tv but I couldn’t as I could not hear was what being said. 

  • Hi FionaStewart4

    Thank you for your post.  

    We forwarded this enquiry to our Research and Policy Team and they have advised that it would depend on the country’s legislation and possible the EU’s.

    Apologies that we cannot be of more assistance on this occasion.

    Kind regards

    Fiona on behalf of the Information Line

  • I am not 100% sure about this but when I lived overseas, even though I received the major channels, including BBC, TF1 (french channel) etc, I could not use subtitles - I think the service provider has to enable the feature.