Changed my hearing aids

Hi all

i am a vehicle technician and work in a noisy environment and have used Phonak hearing aids for the last 5 years. On Monday I got replacements at my local hospital which are the Phonak Nathos Auto sp and I want my old ones back! Really struggling with them so will be going back to the hospital to get them adjusted and try again but what I’m wondering is has anyone brought the Phonak marvel? Or tried oticon and other brands. The sky Q seems popular but does going private help? Just want natural as possible sound. Also can we chose what colour aid we have from the hospital? Thanks Joe 

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  • Hi Joe. Were you called in for a 5 year hearing check? I'm just curious as I got hearing aids 5 years ago next month & wasn't sure if NHS audiology automatically call you back when due for a hearing test & upgrade. I know there's a lot of new hearing aids about & was wondering what the procedure is. I'm currently wearing 2 Danalogic iFit but wondered what the replacement might be. Hope you get your new hearing aids sorted soon, keep persevering. 

    Regards Chris.