5 year upgrade

Hi. I'm just wondering what the procedure is with NHS Audiology regarding retesting hearing & hearing aid upgrade?

I got my first hearing aids 5 years ago next month, does anyone know if I automatically get called back for a retesting & whether I should be offered new hearing aids? I'm currently wearing Danalogic iFits & wondered what they may be replaced with, if at all. Also do the NHS offer receiver in the ear hearing aids? I wasn't suitable for open fit due to my hearing loss so have full silicone moulds in each ear but would like to try RITE if possible. Any comments would be appreciated. 

Regards Chris. 

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  • It probably depends on where you live. My NHS Trust contracts quite a bit of work out to private audiologists who run satellite clinics in GP surgeries. You usually have to initiate follow ups yourself, they seem to work on the principle that if you don't contact them you must be doing OK so don't need them

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