Parkinson's Disease - Cannot Locate Bud in Ear

I am writing on behalf of my 90 year old neighbour and friend. He was sold a very expensive Amplifone hearing aid; however, he suffers from Parkinson's Disease and, with his shaking hand, cannot correctly locate the tiny bud in his ear. Even if I locate it for him, it falls out within minutes. (I have tried pulling on his pinna to straighten the ear canal before inserting the bud.) My question: is it possible to replace the portion of the hearing aid, which is inserted into the canal, with an earpiece that fits into the outer ear like the old fashioned, visible National Health Service hearing aid?

Many thanks


  • Hi Eeny, If your neighbour has a hearing aid attached to a receiver wire with a dome you should be able to get Amplifon to change the fitting to a custom fit tip or shell that would require an ear impression but would lead to a more secure fit. Just ask Amplifon about cShells and Custom Tips. I hope this helps.