buying analogue aids

Hi everyone, hope someone can help I love my analogue aids have tried and tried digital and they are useless with my hearing loss.I'm worried my analogues might break down - can't get analogue through NHS and realise I'm going to have to buy some.They seem to be disappearing so think I need to get them soon.
Mine are philips be36 have n't seen them on websites can anyone suggest a good supplier and or analogue make I'm completely clueless about alternative makes and worried about getting the wrong ones. Its so sickening when you have been happy with a product for 27 years and I was really miserable when I used digital aids.Thanks all
  • Hi,

    I'm Nicole, I am creating a practical decoration piece to disguise a BTE hearing aid and for this to become successful, I require honest opinion about my idea in itself and what designs I should incorporate into this project. I would be honored if you took your time to fill out this survey I have created in order to make this as successful as possible.

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    Nicole Kohhantsuk.

    Questionnaire -

    1) Gender -   _____________

    2) Age - _____________

    3) How long have you had hear loss/impairment? _____________

    4) Do you support the idea of a decorative hearing aid? If not, why?


    5) Would you buy this product for yourself or someone else?


    6) Does this product appeal to you, even if you don’t experience hearing loss?


    7) Is having a hearing aid a problem?


    8) Should a hearing aid be hidden or disguised? If not, why not?


    9) What theme most appeals to you when thinking of a disguised hearing aid?


    10) What other problems come along with a hearing aid? May be, mental problems.


    11) Have you heard of a disguised hearing aid beforehand?


    12) Would you consider a decorative hearing aid as a fashion accessory?


  • There's a subset of people whom I find just don't get on with the digital replacements for their analogue instruments. This can be due to loudness issues or perhaps the processing and feedback management.
    Analogue aids are still available if you know which suppliers to ask AND have a dispenser that is willing to look.
    Commercially, most manufacturers want customers to be fitted with the latest models at the best margins.
    From a 'best practice' point of view a decent dispenser ought to be able to make a newer aid sound more like an analogue at request, despite fitting you with more up to date and possibly appropriate technology.
    One caveat I would mention here is future proofing; all well and good to get by now without a digital exit strategy, but in 5-7years your options may be far more limited: you might be better to take the bitter pill in the short term.

    Keep trying independents: you'll get one that will do the leg-work for you.
  • I used to have the full list of the NHS aids and their commercial equivalent, alas I can't find it. Problem is with yours that they are from Philips who used to use Lavis Medical in the UK as their distributor (who if my memory serves me right are no longer operating). You could try calling one of the Philips Head Offices to see if they have any form of distribution still in the UK but I think that's unlikely. Sad thing about this it is it is likely that there are loads of the BE36 sitting in cupboards throughout England not being used...

    If I were you I would just call every private hearing aid dispenser in your area and see if they are prepared to try and get hold of the commercial model. Alot of RHAD's don;t seem to want to know about analogue these days but it can't to try.

    Just read the above and realised that I have been totally unhelpful
  • Thanks Inthebiz but I have sent another E.Mail to David Ormerod's head office and they definitely do not sell analogue aids.Still trying to find a supplier.
  • I can assure you that David Ormerod will be very disappointed you have been told they do not sell analogue anymore. Not only is it contrary to their best practice ideals, but also it is - shall we say - conservative with the truth.