General Query

Just a quick general query to the professionals out there and the experienced users.

I'm just starting to wear aids again, and am not doing too badly in 'normal' circumstances - but feel like I haven't pushed the aids to where they would be of most use to me.

I like running and cycling, but which style of hearing aid is least likely to suffer from wind noise problems when cycling? Logically I would have thought an 'in-ear' design but is that the case? I would have thought that would be the worst place for an aid while running - and outside behind the ear would be best to protect it from sweat - but then the wind would be directed straight at the Mic!

I'm trying to get used to some NHS Siemens Reflex Ms at the moment (I have a 'standard', 20db to 70db loss), but until they're set up right I don't want to buy ear-gear or similar products from connevans. It may be that if I keep pushing until the aids are right for me that I find I have to change from Reflex Ms to something else.
  • Hi,

    I'm Nicole, I am creating a practical decoration piece to disguise a BTE hearing aid and for this to become successful, I require honest opinion about my idea in itself and what designs I should incorporate into this project. I would be honored if you took your time to fill out this survey I have created in order to make this as successful as possible.

    Thank you, 

    Nicole Kohhantsuk.

    Questionnaire -

    1) Gender -   _____________

    2) Age - _____________

    3) How long have you had hear loss/impairment? _____________

    4) Do you support the idea of a decorative hearing aid? If not, why?


    5) Would you buy this product for yourself or someone else?


    6) Does this product appeal to you, even if you don’t experience hearing loss?


    7) Is having a hearing aid a problem?


    8) Should a hearing aid be hidden or disguised? If not, why not?


    9) What theme most appeals to you when thinking of a disguised hearing aid?


    10) What other problems come along with a hearing aid? May be, mental problems.


    11) Have you heard of a disguised hearing aid beforehand?


    12) Would you consider a decorative hearing aid as a fashion accessory?


  • Latest Update: I saw the audiologist for my first proper adjustment session and we made a couple of minor changes. We'll see if these changes work for me and if not he'll put me forward for A2W.

    In this area/region (or whatever) hearing aids can be got through A2W, so maybe it's an NHS budget thing rather than A2W, or it could be how well the head audiologist argues the case with A2W.

    From the description my audiologist will be looking at something like the BE or Vibe. He said an ITE but where the other part goes into the crest of the ear (he explained it better but I'm sure you know what I mean).

    One of the changes the audiologist made was to add the Siemens Music programme, I prefer the sound it gives me over the normal programme I'm almost tempted to leave it on that one all the time. Can any of the professionals explain what is different, it seems to have more high tones added, but to me it just sounds better.

    I'm still getting the feedback issue - but not as badly. If I wear a coat with a hood because of the rain all I can hear is whistling. I went and bought a waterproof 'cowboy hat' and unless I put it on at an angle that's as bad. What I can't understand is that I can have the brim touching one ear and not get any feedback on that ear, but if the brim is within an inch of the other ear I get feedback!

    Richard, if you have a special phone the way I'd expect it to work is that you would have it kept somewhere separate and plug it in at whichever desk you'd be sitting at. In our office it would work except for the fact that almost every floor access point for network, phones or power has something on top of it. That's my argument and I'm sticking to it!

    Sorry for the length of post, but it's either this or work through my lunch.
  • Interesting about hot desking. We are going "Smarter Working" next year where I could be working at any one of 20 desks in the main office, or any where else that happens to have room. don't know yet how they will handle special phones.
  • Niggle, I just gave up with NHS lol. They were brilliant up till 2 years ago, they realised what aid I needed (ITE not CIC) and it worked brilliantly (I didn't have awful probs and only had 2 sets in 6 years). Something happened with a report issued that just said "sod what the client wants and their psychological preference - BTE are cheap and as good as any other" - on the back of that all funding was pulled for any other type of aid - the audiologists were as unhappy as the clients!

    I've explained why CIC are right for me in another post and also that personally I wouldn't have an issue with BTE. In my circumstance private was the only way to go but I so understand what you say about the money - it's very trite (I think) for people in every walk of 'sales' to start quoting per day prices - you charge me per day and I will buy ha ha. £2K, which is what my aids cost, was out of my reach until I had a stroke of luck, I would never have been able to afford this! I doubt I will again...

    If you have a legitimate work related need for a particular aid then make sure you put this to the NHS first - as they do have a small discretionary budget (but it is small). When they say no go to A2W.
  • Easi-Ear, wasn't something like the NHS subsidising private purchases of aids trialled in some areas under a Public Private Partnership?

    I know this would have been a bit unfair competition wise, unless the independents worked together they wouldn't have had the capacity to take on the NHS patients within the treatment time restrictions.