Bluetooth transmitter

Hi, I have just bought a Nokia bluetooth loop set and a transmitter. This has provided an excellent result from my PC via the transmitter to the Nokia bluetooth and to my aids via the telecoil. Its mutes the PC and transmits to my aids.

However when I connect to my TV I have a echo. My TV has a jackpoint that dosen't mute the sound and my aids are set for a combined normal and telecoil. It is though there is a delay from the transmission that is out of sync with the TV speakers.

I had hoped to be able to hear the TV without shutting off from family,phone and doorbells etc.

There's sure to be an answer. Any ideas please?

  • Have a 100% telecoil program put into your aids and hope that your moulds are occluded enough such that the sound naturally leaking in from the tv speaker doesn't interfere.

    The delay is probably down to the bluetooth. Stereo bluetooth uses a processing scheme called A2DP. The higher the quality of the A2DP transmision the more noticeable the delay.

    If its really slow you will also notice lip sync problems which is also disconcerting even with the tv speaker turned off.
  • Thanks for that. The beauty of having 50/50 loop and normal hearing was being able to hear other people at the same time. Even so the additional clarity will be worth the sacrifice!
  • Would it be possible to have one of your Programmes set 50/50 Mic/Tcoil and another Programme set 0/100 Mic/Tcoil ? That should give you an improvement.

    However, as Gaz suggests, whilst bluetooth delay is irrelevant for audio alone (mobile phones, radio, mp3, etc), it is often noticeable for audio/visual outputs, with the delay leading to non-synchronisation.

  • Thanks Smoker, Its something I'm looking at and having a programme that's 0/100 mic/tcoil will give me the the tv audio quality I need. My wife has often suggested I have selective deafness any way so may not pick up on why I'm not answering her!!
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