A query for AOHL ?

For a potential customer: (Not me too late!). Does anyone know anything about deaf products?

I have been browsing the 'Action for Hearing loss' website on behalf of my 90 yr old father who is very deaf and wears hearing aids in both ears.

I am looking towards a TV listener costing about £100 ish - it hangs with a loop round the neck. He was provided with one from Social Services which he had to wear like a stethoscope so he had to remove his hearing aids which was totally useless.

Do you know if these products are good, or can you recommend anything better? bearing in mind he doesn't do technology very well because of his age and the onset of alzheimers.

thanks for your help in advance

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  • Hi MM

    I've been in touch with our product team who would recommend looking at either a wireless TV listener with a neckloop or a fixed loop with a wire going around the room.

    The advantage of using a wireless option is that you won’t trip over any cables trailing from the TV to where you are sitting. The radio frequency options will also give you the freedom to move around the house and still be able to hear the T.V or radio.

    The disadvantage of using this is you need to put the receiver on the base unit to charge it, if the person using this has Alzheimer’s they may not remember to put this on charge. Such an example is our Radio Link

    Alternatively you could look at the Mega loop

    The advantage of this unit is you don’t have to remember to charge it, the cable loops around the room and plugs into the T.V. However, this would require the user to put their hearing aids on the T/Loop setting when they wanted to use it.

    If you require any additional information please do not hesitate to drop the solutions team an email at solutions@hearingloss.org.uk


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