Recent Struggle in Theatre

Hi All,

Went to the theatre on Saturday night.

If I am being totally honest, I only caught around 25% of the dialogue, even with a front row seat in the stalls.

Have good aids - Phonak Solana CIC and the latest NHS Oticon Spirit Synergy. Switched aids at the intermission, but struggled with either.

Not sure if it was because, the play, War Horse featured regional accents.

Does anybody have any experience of the theatre, and if so, how do you get on ?


250 500 1k 2k 4k 6k 8k

40 40 65 70 80 80 90 (Left Ear )
50 50 70 70 75 75 100 (Right Ear)
  • Theatres are getting better at scheduling BSL and captioned performances. There's a great downloadable link at Another good site to check that has all the big theatre's access team contact information is Seatplan, I've found speaking to the access staff directly is the best route. Each of their theatre pages has a useful access page with direct contact details.

  • Hi Poppit,

    Many thanks for your reply here. Just seen it.

    I will take a look at this with interest.


  • Hi Graham,

    I suggest you look at captioned performances:

    StageText is another provider.

    (a) you get seats in the best place to see the stage and the screen for subtitles (you have to say you need to follow the captions when you book)
    (b) you and your companion get half-price tickets (you have to ask for this)
    (c) you do have to book a bit in advance (I booked a whole year ahead for one production !!!).
    (d) If you check the theatre websites direct, and search 'access' you will find different theatres have different options, you may have to register, some theatres are less geared up to this than others. National Theatre London is brillant. I have seen so many shows now, I wouldn't go back to seeing stuff without captions.
    (e) once you get used to reading the captions, it makes it so much more enjoyable for you. If you use subtitles on TV, you should be fine.
  • As a follow-up thought, isn't that fantastic !? 20 receivers that are available.
  • I've just checked the web site of the theatre, and can see the following:

    "Infra-red audio system
    Available in the theatre for every performance. There are 20 headset receivers for people who are partially hearing and 13 neck loops for those who use a hearing aid. Headsets are essential and available from the Box Office."

    Aghhh ! Oh well.. will know for next time. Thank You.