Alerting systems Apps

Action on Hearing Loss is continuously looking to improve access to services for people with hearing Loss. With the growth of internet services and apps in particular, communication has changed vastly. Some of these apps have been beneficial for people with hearing loss however some apps are designed without any consideration towards the hard of hearing population.
We would therefore like to find out what apps people are using, which apps have been helpful and which apps need improvement. Currently we are focusing on apps which help people with hearing loss and deafness and below are some apps we consider the most useful. We would appreciate feedback on ways any of these apps can be improved as well as information on apps people are using that may help others that have not been identified below.

Alerting systems Apps

TapTap: This app is available on iOS for £2.29. it will display a flash and vibrate alert for environmental sounds such as doorbells, car alarms and alarm clocks.

  • DeafWake was developed by someone who is profoundly deaf who wanted an app that would meet the needs of people hearing loss by providing alerts through multisensory channels.

    The app allows you to set your alarm as you would with other alarm clock apps as well as choose which sensory alert you need to wake you up. There are 4 alert options; LED flashing light (camera flash), vibration, screen flash and sound. You can choose however many alerting options you want and save several active alarms at a time. This means that you can set appropriate alerts for each individual alarm such as flashing screen in a meeting and a loud, vibrating alarm to wake you up in the morning.

    Currently, the iOS version of the app only works when left running, however, the screen will go dark in order to save battery life and not disturb you.

    Available on iOS and Android for £1.99
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  • My EarDroid: Available on Android for free. Identifies sounds in the home environment and alerts you that the events that produced them have occurred by vibration and visual notifications. MyEarDroid has been designed as an aid for persons with hearing impairment, enabling them to receive announcements of events occurring in their home. This Beta version of the app includes the following type of sounds: Door bell, phone call, intercom, alarm clock and technical alarms. MyEarDroid works by listening constantly through the smartphone’s microphone and comparing the sound with trained sound models to find matches. Using advanced methods, the app is capable of analysing descriptive features of audio in real time. To get better accuracy in identification you can record your own sounds: your doorbell, your alarm clock, etc.

  • The Deaf and Hearing Impaired: Free on Android, this app currently has 2 functions. Firstly it detects loud sound and converts this into a vibrating and flashing signal. The second function is for speech to text and text to speech translation.

  • Braci: Available on Android and iOS for free. This app lets you record the sounds in your environment to alert you in case of any emergency such as when an alarm goes off or in other situations such as when a doorbell rings. This is ideal for deaf people as they can be alerted to events even if they are unable to see or hear anything. Braci can also be connected to the Pebble Watch to get instant notifications and alerts.