Which Bluetooth streamer?

I am looking to spend £200 or so on a bluetooth streamer to enable me to take mobile calls etc from my iphone without constantly removing & replacing my earmoulds! I currently have a pair of Oticon Spirit Synergys via the NHS.

Two I like the look of are the LPs-6 by Jentafon (Finland) or the Oticon Streamer Pro 1.3a - both listed from Connevans.

Any advantages / disadvantages in either - as I need a good degree of clarity to distinguish conversations clearly.
Has anyone compared them - especially for clarity rather than just volume?

What would happen if I was given an upgrade on my aids (i.e. not another Oticon?), would one be more compatible than the other? Obviously the Oticon streamer comes with the IOS app which could be useful I guess.

Many thanks for any comments....
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