Tinnitus Apps

Tinnitus apps

 Tinnitus Balance (Phonak) – Free. iOS and Android.
The app is intended to be part of a tinnitus management program provided by a qualified hearing care professional familiar with the diagnosis and management of tinnitus.
It enables clients to choose sounds from the list of default sounds within the app:
• Soothing sounds such as a campfire, chimes, or sailing
• Background sounds such as the harbour, ocean, and rain
• Interesting sounds such as a blackbird, farmyard, or cicadas

Alternatively, users can also select sounds from their own smartphone music library. Clients can rate the effectiveness of each sound and review the overall ratings with their hearing care professional to optimize their sound plan.

  • We can hear the melodious noise of the birds,we can hear the voice of our parents,sisters and brothers,we can hear the noise of the world.But what about deaf people and where are they happy,God not blessed with hearing and they can't happy.

  • myNoise – Free. iOS. Also available through website.


    The myNoise app has a collection of noise generators which are personalised to you hearing thresholds through a calibration process on the app. It also calibrates for background noise which means the sounds you play compensate for any irritable background noise if you are using it when you are out. The myNoise app graphics used to control the pitch are easy to use and a lot more fun to play with than other tinnitus apps. The app also doesn’t have any adverts and there are in app purchases for more sounds if you wish to add more sounds.

  • Tinnitus Therapy Lite – Free and pro version £3.33 Android and £4.49 iOS.


    This app has been created by Sound Oasis who manufacturer a range of tinnitus products. The Lite version of the app provides a sample of a few tinnitus relief sounds, a fully functional playback timer, and soft off volume management.

    In the Pro version, there are a wider variety of sounds to choose from as well as being able to personalise the sounds to your own tinnitus and creating personal settings. Any future sound updates and enhancements will also only be available in the pro version.

  • Tinnitus Calmer – free. iOS and android.
    The app is a tool for anyone who has tinnitus. It should be used in combination with a tinnitus management programme or plan set up by a hearing care professional. The Beltone Tinnitus Calmer app uses a combination of sounds and relaxing exercises that aim to distract your brain from focusing on tinnitus. Over time the brain learns to focus less on the tinnitus.
    The app lets you manage your personal library of sound therapy files and allows you to create your own soundscapes from environmental sounds and small pieces of music. It will also track your usage, so you can see which sounds work best for you, and it contains some secondary stimuli like colours and exercises to help keep your mind occupied.

    Just download it and listen to it as you normally listen to music from your smart phone. If you wear Beltone wireless hearing aids, you can stream directly through them; the sound you stream will be adjusted to compensate for your hearing loss.