Need help for choosing a hearing aid

I am researching an affordable hearing aid and what do you think of this 2 models :
Digital Discovery Digital Hearing Amplifier
LifeEar Hearing Amplifier
I see a lot of good rating for this 2 models.
I have a low budget and i think its very good
  • I understand it's a lot to spend on, but hearing aids are worth the investment. The two you mentioned aren't really hearing aids, though; they're more like amplifiers. Hearing aids work in their own way. This article from Listening Lab Malaysia should help. It helped me decide what I had to get for my mum, even with her saying she doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg just to be able to hear properly again.

  • I would be extremely wary of any hearing aid that comes with preset levels and 'no prescription required'. You're likely to struggle a lot more unless you have a hearing aid suited to your prescription because hearing prescriptions vary frequency by frequency. The background noise reduction is unlikely to be any good unless the volume for background noise is specificly set for your hearing in the pitches (low) most affected by it.

    Notice also that they're referring to them as 'hearing amplifiers' instead of hearing aids which means they're NOT meeting the right standards to be called hearing aids.

    Read this

    If you're able, I would visit a few audiologists and request to try their cheapest models.

    Would you be able to set up a monthly plan such as this?

    Or look into purchasing a refurbished set and get those programmed. Honestly, almost anything would be better. If you absolutely have to, get an audiogram printed and send that to one of the companies that sell them that way. But the research on that shows they're almost always set inappropriately.

    I'm not really sure what to suggest - looking at the prices online I'm a little horrified that they're so much. I guess that's USA's medical care to a T though. It looks like you could pick up a pair for about £120 on ebay with all the usual guarantee trappings (though I didn't notice a guarantee on your linked ones either). Even a digital set from 10 years ago will be better than your linked ones.
  • Maybe wrong, but I believe ElizaLun1 lives in the USA where aids of any kind are expensive.
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    It is far better to see an audiologist, preferably in the NHS, and have proper hearing tests done and get a recommendation as to the most suitable hearing aids for your hearing loss.
  • Price and reviews all look very promising, but I would still go for an aid prescribed for your hearing loss. You don`t know how old the technology is, and many modern aids have four programs and variable volume, and also noise reduction.