Eczema in ears

I am writing on behalf of my sister who doesn't have access to a computer and would like to ask if anyone knows of hearing aids that are suitable for someone whose eczema is exacerbated by wearing these aids. Is there one on the market that is hyper allergenic?
Thank you.
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  • The condition is often caused by increased moisture in the air or that water has flowed into the ear canal. The disorder is therefore seen particularly frequently when you are on holiday in the hot countries with the use of swimming pool. People who use hearing aids also have an increased risk.

    Itching and pain in the ear canal may be signs of eczema. The pain is often very pronounced.

    There may also be some fluid out of the ear. Many at the same time have easy hearing loss. If you pull outwards in your ear, the pain is worse.

    You can prevent the condition by avoiding touching, itching or cleaning the ear canal. It is misunderstood hygiene to clean your ear with a cotton swab. It can lead to eczema and inflammation in the ear canal. If you have previously had eczema in the ear canal, keep your head over the water - especially if you are swimming in a swimming pool or spa. If water has penetrated the ear canal, wipe the ear with a hair dryer. It is not recommended to use earplugs during bathing. Avoid bathing completely if you have eczema in the ear canal. Pain relief medicine can ease the pain.

    There are various natural treatments that can be used to treat the skin inflammation, dryness, itching or redness seen in ears and the external areas around the ear and earlobes. The natural treatments or home remedies are one of the primary steps that are taken by the individual and usually includes:

    • Washing the ears daily with a lukewarm water
    • Using fragrance-free moisturizers on the ears or the affected areas on the ears immediately after taking a shower to lock in moisture
    • Avoid irritants that have caused eczema flares in the past
    • Switching to gentle cleansers and products that are suitable for your sensitive skin
    • Avoid irritants or triggers, like jewelry, from coming into direct contact with the ears

    and there more lots remedies to treat ear eczema naturally..

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