NHS Disappointment

Hi all - I have been diagnosed with Cookie Bite loss (I have Mod-Severe High and Low Frequency Loss diagnosed privately earlier this year).

Today I had an appointment with the NHS who pretty much told me that the devices that they could offer me are not suitable for my kind of hearing loss as it will amplify all frequencies (even Low frequencies which are intact). It will do nothing for the tinnitus, nothing for the background noise and will amplify even my good frequency so that is is uncomfortably loud!  I suggested that offering me a hearing aid that was not for my hearing condition was not acceptable. He kind of shrugged! I can't really afford to buy privately but have briefly tested Resound aids that help with the tintus and reduce background noise, and due to the complexity of my loss - the large amount of channels that can be programmed are amazing.

My appointment today comes over 22 weeks after my initial GP referral and the next appointment which I don't have yet is with the department that will issue me with the devices to try.  As I understand, the NHS has a duty to have provided me with hearing devices within 18 weeks of the initial GP referral and if they have not done so, they must provide alternative options. My guess is that I am still several months from getting devices. 

I cant hear on the telephone, I can't hear in the car or a crowded room, I cant hear my young children crying for me - I am desperate to get some help but it seems that firstly the NHS are not delivering in an adequate timescale and also, may not actually be able to provide me with anything that can actually make my life easier.

Can anyone offer any glimmers of hope?

Thank you so much for reading!


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