Product of the month

Product of the month

Each month we carefully select a hearing loss product which we think will help you and your loved ones enjoy a better quality of life - and offer it at a special discount.

We want to make you aware of the latest products, gadgets and equipment that are transforming the lives of people with deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus.

With over 450 practical products to choose from, we have the right solution for every situation - at home, at work and on the move. And each purchase you make helps fund research to cure hearing loss within a generation.

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  • The product of the month for January is... The Roger Pen & My Link Bundle!

    The Phonak Wireless Listening System, the Roger Pen & MyLink bundle, is ideal for everyday use - coming as it does with a range of functions and uses.  This amplified conversation listener has superb sound and speech enhancement technology that can transform the ability to hear. It is very easy to use and automatically switches between different types of sound pickup. The system has a Bluetooth connection for wireless listening devices.

    Key Benefits

    • Wireless neckloop for use with hearing aids on the 'T' or loop setting
    • Using the neckloop with hearing aids helps to hear more clearly by blocking out background noise
    • Headphone connection on the receiver to connect headphones for non-hearing aid wearers
    • Directional microphone option – it can be worn by or pointed at the person talking
    • Omni-directional microphone option – it can be put on a table to amplify a whole group conversation
    • Switches between microphone pickups automatically
    • Up to 10 Roger transmitters can be used in a network for group use
    • Range of up to 20m, with Bluetooth connection a 10m range
    • TV connection kit supplied, can be used to listen to the TV and conversation at the same time
    • Up to 7 hours battery life


    The Phonak Wireless Listening Device is brilliant all-purpose tool for relaxing, working and socialising.

    In a large group, sitting round a table - Stick your Roger Pen on the table and it will automatically switch to an omni-directional mode so you can hear everyone sat with you.

    Out and about - Wherever you are, simply point the Roger pen to the person you wish to listen to and you'll hear them loud and clear.

    Listening to a presentation - Give the Roger Pen to the lecturer or tour guide so you can hear as clearly as if they were standing next to you. The Roger Pen comes with a lanyard for easy wearing too.

    Watching TV - You can plug in the charging station to the TV via the scart, phono and jack plug connections (included). Perfect for enjoying your favourite shows without annoying anyone else with high sound volumes.

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