Mobile phone use with hearing aids

Hi guys,

My wife has just got new oticon spirit synergy bte aids from the NHS in both ears, previously to this she just wore a single Siemens hearing aid which was about 12 years old.  Since she got the aids on Thursday she has found she can't use her mobile when they are in.

Using her mobile is a massive part of her job and as such she needs to be able to use her mobile.  So what I'm asking is 1.  Is there any aids she can use to help this 2.  What's the best mobile phone to use that offers a telecoil option to see if that helps and 3.  Is this normal?

Thanks in advance

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  • Good Afternoon

    Thank you for your query regarding hearing aids and mobile phones that can be used along side them. Can you confirm the current mobile that your wife is using? Does it have a 3.5mm headphone jack and does your wife have a T/loop setting on her new aids?

    We have a number of products that could be used mobile phones and hearing aids, depending on the answer above, or we have a selection of mobile phones that can be used with hearing aids and that are amplified. If you would like to contact our product support team via email at they will be happy to help with any queries/questions you may have.

    Thanks Anna

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