Roger pen system compatible with other HA brands?

Hi all, I'm really hoping that someone with more experience might be able to enlighten me?...

I am single sided deaf following SSHL last July. I have severe reverse slope loss . I have had my NHS Phonak Nathos  aid for 6 months, but I'm still really struggling with it. I can't hear speech very well at all, it's very distorted & background noise is a real problem. I work & was assessed by Access to Work for additional aids & they recommended a Roger pen system. I am still waiting for this to arrive at work, but as time goes on I am becoming more & more disappointed with my Phonak aid and I am considering trying another brand privately. 

Does anybody know if the Roger Pen be used with other hearing aid brands?

Many thanks for reading

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  • Hello Shaziebabes,

    Thank you for your post.

    Our product support team have advised that it is is dependent on which receiver the end user wishes to use. However if using through a My Link then any hearing aid with a T program would be compatible.

    If you can confirm exactly who is providing the training and a full list of the equipment provided then they will be better placed to advise.

    Should you wish to contact them directly, you can do so by emailing -

    Kind regards


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