Ear canal fitting problem


Ii use Phonak aids with a double dome type in the canal fitting. However they don’t stay put and slip outwards so I lose the sound. Constantly having to push them back in which sharply increases the sound only for it slowly to diminish again. Only way to maintain a conversation is to keep my finger pushed to my ear canal. This gets quite sore too. Anyone had similar issues and overcome them?

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  • I had a similar problem with my last set of HAs (Specsavers 312s) I found that the No. 2 length wires, that came with the HAs, were too short and resulted in excess pulling pressure on the receivers, this coupled with small single domes and no retaining straps resulted in the receives constantly moving out; especially when eating.

    When I had my next review I had the Audio change the receives to No. 3 length and fitted small double domes (power domes) and retaining straps. This cleared up the problem and I have not had any problems since. Last year I had a new set of HAs from Specsavers and ensured that the receivers fitted (power receivers now) had No. 3 length wires, double domes and retaining clips, again no problems with movement. I hope that this helps.

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