Help with Phonak Nathos Auto Up

Hi there I am a long time user of NHS hearing aids. A week ago I was given a Nathos Auto Up and I did not notice the loop program was not added. I need this as am getting a compilot 2 soon but on calling the NHS they have no appointments available at all before my holiday in 5 weeks. So I did a bit of reading and realise I can get the software and an iCube and do it myself. My question is does anyone know which of the 2 softwares I need to download and if I need the iCube or iCube ii. I emailed Phonak who refused to give me any info saying only audiologist should program it but as i explained they cant fit me in. Any advice would be appreciated :)

  • Hi the ComPilot will *just work* with the Nathos Auto UP, no need to pair and you don't use telecoil (loop) anyway to connect a ComPilot to your Phonak aids, it's a different sort of wireless. You might in time want to get the ComPilot paired if you want to make use of some extra features like using the ComPilot as a remote for instance, but the main function (streaming audio) will just work straight out of the box. Buying an iCube just to program a loop program might be considered by some a bit of an extravagance :-) Regards, Paul

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