10% OFF IQbuds - experience the future of hearing

We're always on the lookout for life-changing hearing products. The award-winning IQbuds wireless earbuds caught our attention after receiving rave reviews. You’ll be amazed at how they enhance your hearing in loud environments while drowning out background noise. You can even blend your environments with IQbuds – tuning in or out of the world around you. They will make a real difference to anyone with a mild hearing loss but are also ideal for people with standard hearing.

Hear conversations

The speech-amplification feature on the IQbuds enables you to hear conversations, even in noisy and crowded places.

Reduce background noise

Drown out background noise while enhancing speech so you’ll never miss another word again.

Situational awareness

Enjoy a ‘blended’ experience where you can listen to your favourite music or audio while staying aware of your surroundings.

Stream music

Seamlessly stream all your favourite music and audio content with high-quality stereo sound.

Hassle-free control

The unique tap touch technology allows you to effortlessly move from your physical world to a digital world and back again with a simple tap on the IQbuds.

Talk hands-free

Make phone calls on the go over Bluetooth from your iPhone or Android phone.

Customise the app

The Apple iOS and Android compatible app allows you to customise how you hear your environment and personalise your listening profile.

Best in class battery life

IQbuds offer an unbeatable 16 hours of on-the-go Bluetooth streaming or 32 hours of on-the-go hearing augmentation.

Special offer - Now only £251.10 (inc VAT)

Special offer ends on 29th April 2018.