Roger pen and landline phone


Hope you can help. I moved to a new office with work and unfortunately my previous landline amplified phone doesn't work due to a change in the phone line. I have been provided with a roger pen and phone adaptor via Access to Work but unfortunately am not having much success with it. With my previous phone, I used to take my aids out because I found they muffled the sound. I am finding I am also having this problem with the roger pen but obviously can't take my aids out because the pen won't work. Has anybody else had this problem and how did they overcome it. There seems to be little information about using a roger pen with a landline phone, most info seems to relate to mobile use. It's currently very difficult to do my job without access to a landline phone I can use.

Thank you for your help.

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  • Hi Sam, 

    My previous job had a landline phone that went over VOIP and was pretty muffled to me,, so I used a standard Plantronics office headset that just plugged into the back of the phone via a standard telephone plug worked.  It was a £20/£30 one sided headset, very lightweight, and the sound was crystal clear even with my hearing aid in.  

    This was much better than a previous phone amplifier specifically for hearing impairment that I'd used.

    Worth a try and also it is standard office equipment, so easy to get hold of.

    Hope this helps

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