Star Offer of the Week Bellman Alarm Clock Pro

Getting up on time isn’t always easy – but it’s even harder if you have trouble hearing the alarm. This outstanding alarm clock has a range of clever features for people who are deaf or have hearing loss. As well as the bright flashing lights and vibrating pad that goes under your pillow, the amplified alarm gets louder the longer it’s left on.

Key benefits:

  • Wake on time with the extra-loud ringer (up to 100dB)
  • Don’t disturb others thanks to the vibrating pad that pops under your pillow
  • Sleep soundly, knowing you can be woken with high-intensity LED flashing lights
  • Never oversleep using the handy snooze function
  • Find your way in the dark using the soft blue night-light
  • Enjoy peace of mind that, in a power cut, there’s a battery backup
  • No more squinting to see the time thanks to the large digital display

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