New aids distort

I have a difficult hearing loss, and tried several new HA`s lately. The all sound very distorted, and no one can tell me why.

I have trialed Phonak V90, a pair of Siemens, a Widex, and now GN Resound Enzo 7. All with the same distortion. The way that new aids work, obviously do not work for me. At the moment I have Nathos S+ SP w using the spice chip. I would like to try something like the Naida Q, but do not know how much more advanced they are to these. The Naida Q series do not seem to be available now, so I really don`t know what to do.

Any ideas anyone please....

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  • The Resound Enzo`s went back yesterday. I am not trying any more, because they don`t work for me, and no one knows why. So i`m stuck with the Nathos SP w`s.

    So if anyone has a pair of Naida Q SP they don`t want, I would be very interested in them...

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