Has anyone found a solution to preventing damage by sweat

Hi All

Has anyone found a solution that works for preventing damage from sweat to hearing aids. I am not interested in hearing about Eargear or Hearing Aid Sweatbands neither of which have worked for me but more from someone that may have found their own solution.

To save typing this is a copy of an email just sent to Oticon that explains my plight.

Thanks in advance for any replies


Dear Oticon


I have been wearing Oticon Hearing Aids provided by my local NHS Hearing Aid centre for nearly 7 years now.


I currently have RIC and I hear very well with them!


But………….I am at the end of my tether over a problem that I cannot find a solution to. I sweat a great deal and eventually that sweating causes the aids to fail.  I store them every night in an electronic drying device which helps but they eventually succumb to the damage.


My Hearing Aid Department are very good and replace them without any difficulty but it is still very stressful when you hear that tell-tale popping crackling or buzzing sound and realise that yet another pair are no longer working.


I have tried the leading two products for covering the aids “Hearing Aid Sweatbands” and “Eargear” but neither actually work sufficiently well to solve the problem.


My request is two fold really


  1. Do you know of any other solutions I could try
  2. Please would you consider making this issue one of your research and development departments most pressing causes and try and find a way of making the cases waterproof. In the 21st century with all the technical advancements it must be possible


Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you


Best wishes


Mike Bennett

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  • Hi Mike, 

    The very latest RICs are IP68 and will be impervious to sweat. My NHS hearing aids - Oticon Spirit Synergy were unaffected when out in heavy rain for over 10 minutes. I think they are IP57 rated. Perhaps you could contact your local NHS trust and see if you can upgrade. If not, then maybe going private is an option. 7 years is a long time in hearing aid technology.