We love it when we come across a new product that is unique or an existing idea that has a new twist.

LoopBuds from Otojoy is both of those and just one of the innovative products we promote to help people manage their hearing loss.

It's unique because it allows anyone with a smartphone to benefit from a hearing loop without the use of hearing aids.
The twist is they look like a pair of earphones, which they are, but tucked away on the cable is a tiny loop receiver. To begin benefitting from using a hearing loop, you just need to plug your LoopBuds in your smartphone, open the LoopBuds app and listen in.
Turn your smartphone into a hearing loop receiver
From the app, you can adjust volume level, volume balance between the left and right ear, personalise tone settings, and filter out noise. It has the benefit of tangle free cable and three size of ear tips. Plus it has a built-in microphone for phone calls, and like any pair of earphones, you can listen to your favourite music tracks.
LoopBuds don’t require batteries, so no need to worry about charging or replacing batteries. They draw their power from the headphone jack.
Getting in the loop
The great thing about LoopBuds is they effectively extend the use of hearing loops. Anyone without a hearing aid can now easily benefit from loops too. Even people without hearing loss that just want to hear better at venues.
Micah Thomas, the brain behind LoopBuds, has exciting plans for add-on features including speech-to-text. One day he want the app  to translate, in real time, speech that comes through the loop. 
Hearing loops have been around for over sixty years, but the technology goes back to the discovery of electromagnetic induction more than a hundred years ago.
Loops, although very useful, are not the newest technology. Loopbuds are helping to bring this technology into the 21st century, by blending hearing loops with a brand new idea.
It’s great to see creative innovators out there that joint the dots to develop exciting new products with so many worthwhile benefits.
LoopBuds are just one of the fantastic products that we sell through our online store and product catalogue to help people with hearing loss, deafness or tinnitus. Find out more about LoopBuds and our other great products please view our online shop
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