GCSE Electronics project needing a client with hearing impairment

Hello My name is Ethan Morley. I am a student of Joseph Whitaker School I am a year 10 GCSE student who for my GCSE project, I am wishing to create a device to be worn that will alert the wearer that a fire alarm is set off by vibrating to alert them it would do this by detecting the frequency given out by an active fire alarm however to begin my project I will need to have a client who would act as a consultant and would give me feedback. The prototyping of the project will begin in about 3-4 months before commencing but to begin I must have a client. If you live I the Nottinghamshire area of the UK and are willing to aid me in producing a device that may change how people experience the world. if interested please email me at EthanNeale2002@gmail.com and if you have any questions please be free to ask.

thank you for reading please consider

yours faithfully Ethan Morley