Issue with HA and Roger Pen

So I have a Roger Pen which I use with my Nathos Auto SP and I now have the specific programs on the HA. When I have my Samsung S9 attached to the pen using the audio lead it sounds great but there is a real odd issue. For example I have the HA set to Roger Pen with HA mics off as I want to send music and google maps instructions over to HA while on motorcycle. Soon as the motorcycle is turned on the audio sound reduces by 75% and does not sound as good. If I add some tape over the HA mics I found that this issue goes away. This is a bit strange and was wondering anyone had similar issues when near engine noise of whatever kind?

  • Good morning tc.3

    To be honest I have never come across this before and if you are putting tape over the hearing aid microphones I see no reason why this should make any difference.

    The roger pen is sending a wireless signal to the receiver, if you are using a my link and therefore the audio signal is being presented into your hearing aid via the T program then starting the engine on the motor bike may cause an element of interference.

    The T program within the hearing aid is reliant on electromagnetic fields and engines will obviously also cause electromagnetic field which may interfere, I am not however sure why covering the microphone in the hearing aid will element this however.

    This may be something to discuss with your audiologist also.

    I hope this has helped, for more information you can contact our technical team on 

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