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Any recommendations  for speech to text apps for mobile phones suitable for hard of hearing .  I have hearing loss and in it would make life a lot easier if  I and my friends have an app that does this. .

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  • Hi Alison12,


    Thank you for your post.


    We are aware of voice recognition software that some deaf or hard of hearing people may use called Dragon naturally speaking which can be used on smartphones, tablets and PC’s. It allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text. Although they may not always be 100% accurate and in some way require training to get used to a speakers voice.


    There are a number of mobile phone apps now available that may be of some use. These are not apps which have been designed by us however so the suitability and performance may vary:


    There is a relatively new app called TextHear Personal which has been developed by Geemarc. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store to most Android smartphones. One can then speak into the smartphone, and the text will then appear almost instantly on the screen.


    Live Caption: This app listens to spoken words and translates into text in real time. It is ideal for using in direct conversations and is not designed for use with incoming phone calls. It is extremely easy to use and works with third party keyboard apps and most Bluetooth voice input devices. Plus you can use it even without an Internet connection.


    Let Me Hear Again: This is an all in one app for people with hearing loss. The basic version has 2 functions and the pro version has four functions. The first function is a ‘Face to Face Chat’ which converts speech to text and text to speech recognising 71 different spoken languages. It can also be used for ‘virtual notes’ which allows the app to listen to long conversations and speeches and translate it into words. This is a great tool for students and keen lecture attendees. The next 2 functions are only available on the pro version and this includes a function to have a louder sound (100dB) and vibrating alarm clock as well as a function to detect loud sounds such as fire/smoke alarms and send out a 100dB signal and vibration from the device. This app is currently only available on Android and the basic app is free of charge but the pro version does have a charge


    Please take a look and let you know you thoughts.


    All the best

    Rachel on Behalf of the Information Line