NHS or private hearing aids

I currently have NHS hearing aids (oticon spirit zest) which I have used for almost 2 years. These are my first pair. I have reverse slope hearing loss & tinnitus. 

Although they have helped, people around me are noticing that I still do not hear, ir ask them to repeat things constantly.

I am wondering if I should get some hearing aids privately, but don't want to pay out unless I will see a benefit.

I would be very grateful for some advice  on this please as it's a lot of money to spend.

Thank you.

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  • Good morning Sharonb1,

    Private hearing aids aren’t necessarily better, it is all dependant on the individual and their hearing loss. There is just more to choose from when going privately than there is on the NHS.

    If you are looking at purchasing a hearing aid privately, it will be the responsibility of the Audiologist to advise on a suitable hearing aid as not all hearing aids are suitable for everyone and the availability will differ from place to place. Hearing aids can vary in price and cost anywhere between £300-£5000+ so it is important to shop around. Dispensers should offer a trial period before making the purchase so you can see for yourself whether you find them beneficial or not.

    You may wish to view our factsheet Everything you need to know about getting hearing aids it includes information about going through the NHS and also purchasing private hearing aids, you can view this below.

    Everything you need to know about getting hearing aids_Dec2012.pdf

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