Roger Pen and U-shaped meeting desk

Hi - where best could I position my Roger Pen in a meeting around a set of desks arranged in a u-shape?

I've considered:

  1. Placing in middle of desks (marked X in the picture). Would the Roger Pen work well if on floor or should it be raised to desk level?
  2. On edge of my desk (marked ME in picture)
  3. Around my neck - if so what best mode? Conference?
  4. Ask meeting organiser to rearrange desks into rectangle - i.e. no gap in middle so I can place my Roger Pen in middle of meeting table.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • Hi, for a meeting of that size and the distances involved I think you're asking a little too much of a Roger Pen. The Roger Pen works best in smaller groups and in noise (in pointing mode). Ideally you'd have the desks pushed together and the Pen flat in the middle in omni mode at roughly the same height, but a Roger Table Mic (or perhaps a pair of Roger Table Mics depending on how the tables were set up) would fulfil the need better. If the Pen was near to you on the desk (or on the lanyard on manual conference mode - you'd need to over ride the automatic mic mode to stop the Pen going super directional), you'd hear people close to you but not the people at the periphery. Regards, Paul

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