Roger Pen and U-shaped meeting desk

Hi - where best could I position my Roger Pen in a meeting around a set of desks arranged in a u-shape?

I've considered:

  1. Placing in middle of desks (marked X in the picture). Would the Roger Pen work well if on floor or should it be raised to desk level?
  2. On edge of my desk (marked ME in picture)
  3. Around my neck - if so what best mode? Conference?
  4. Ask meeting organiser to rearrange desks into rectangle - i.e. no gap in middle so I can place my Roger Pen in middle of meeting table.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • Good morning Seasidebobby,

    If the user places the Roger Pen flat on any surface, this will pick the voices from around the whole room. Ideally it should be central so an even pick up can be achieved. I also wouldn’t advise placing it on the floor, the nearer to the sound source the better, so on a desk is sufficient. If you placed it around your neck you would still need to set the Pen to Omni-directional which you would have to do manually, so it is better suited to be laid flat, which would also be closer to other peoples voices.

    I hope this helps, if you need further assistance you can contact our technical services team who could advise further.


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