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I may join teleconferences as part of my work.  This may either be through dial up number or Skype/Skype For Business/VOIP.

On occasions I may struggle to keep up with the conversation or presentation.

Any technical/practical solutions that may assist me? I have a high quality headset I would say - Roger Pen setup with a Plantonics headset. I'm thinking of things such as Windows software which may record audio so I can listen again later or Next Generation Text type service that may help me.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Dear BitDBill

    Thank you for your enquiry. This is a little tricky and the results may be variable. Ultimately by the sounds of what you have described you are already providing audio from the telephone through the roger pen. I would therefore assume that this is via compatible audio shoes and coupled Roger X receivers. Unfortunately I am not aware of specific recording equipment that would seamlessly integrate into the current set up. In my experience all tele conference calls are generally poor in terms of audio reproduction and therefore do not lend themselves particularly well to assistive technology. If the input is poor then so is the output. I know of technology that you may present an audio connection but in terms of a reliable means of recording then I am not so sure.

    If you wish to discuss this further then feel free to email us directly at or call directly on 03330 144 485.

    Hope this helps.

     Kind Regards


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