Skype/messenger/video calls

Hi everyone 

I wear 2 hearing aids and really struggle hearing messages sent via Skype / video messenger/video whatsapp  and so what has develoed is a fear if them ... the fear being I will look stupid at not catching what is said to me and the person messaging me will become frustrated  ( I haven' told people I wear H.A ).

So today my daughter video messaged me and I had the very quick idea to take my H.A's out and put in-the-ear headphones in....CRIED WITH HAPPINESS. .... . I HEARD PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING THAT WAS SAID ........ 

So, seeing as the in-earphones I have are bog standard ad purchased in local supermarket,  coukd anyone please suggest a good pair of in-earphones that benefits ppl with hearing loss. 

Thank you :-)