Hi all,

I have a moderate high frequency hearing lost (audiogram below), and I'm looking for an invisible in the canal device that will improve my life quality.

I recently tried the Virto V90 and I wasn't satisfied nor from the sound (didn't feel it helps me much), nor from the size (it wasn't entirely invisible).

I know that thet Eargo device have its cons, the biggest one is that it is not programmed personally by a professional audiologist, but seems that it also has a couple of significant pros for me

  1. It seems to be truly invisible
  2. It doesn't completely blocks the ear canal and allows low frequency to pass naturally; this is good for my type of hearing lost.

Has anyone tried this devices and can share their experience?



Hz 250 500 1K 2K 3K 4K 6K 8K
L 10 20 20 50 65 75 55 75
R 15 25 30 60 50 65 55 65

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