ANy great hearing benefits from using C.I.s or B.A.H.A.s ?

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Sorry if I seem to be labouring the point, but just wondered if anyone had switched  or given up struggling with H/As and found any great improvements with using either Cochlear Implants or Bone anchored hearing aids? 

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  • Hi Young Tel

    Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum. My name is Rachel  and I work on the Information Line here at Action on Hearing Loss.

    Firstly, there are a number of different factors to be considered before being offered a cochlear implant as it is a very serious operation, including, type of hearing loss, level of hearing loss and age. I have attached a copy of our cochlear implant factsheet which explains this in more detail which you may find useful.  Alternatively our Bone conduction hearing aids factsheet might be helpful too.

    We would recommend that you contact an organisation called The Ear Foundation who specialise in cochlear implants who could give you more information.. Please see their details below:

    Telephone: 0115 942 1985


    Alternatively, you may also wish to contact the British Cochlear Implant Group (BCIG) who may be able to inform you of cochlear implant centres near to you who may be able to assist you further, please visit for more details.

    Hopefully other forum users shall be commenting shortly and sharing their own experiences to help you out too,

     All the best Rachel

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