Problems with hearing on landline - Phonak B90


I have just bought my Dad some Phonak B90 hearing aids from Boots for Christmas, to replace his NHS hearing aids that were not working for him at all.  

It was the most wonderful experience as when they turned them on, he heard sounds that he hadn't heard in years. I nearly cried I was so happy to see his face light up!

The only problem is, I phoned him on his landline this evening to see how he is getting on with them and he could barely hear me at all. He could hear me much better on the phone when he had his NHS hearing aids - which of course were free, so it was a little disheartening...

Could any of you good people with experience advise me on this please? There is a remarkable improvement in his hearing with these new aids. He went to his choir this evening and said he hadn't heard the music so well for years. He also hears things like floorboards creaking in the house that he hadn't heard before (a blessing and a curse :) ) Hovever, I am concerned that there is something not right. I know that these hearing aids are able to be fine tuned, so I suppose the question is... if the aids are changed to give him a great experience on his landline, then will there be a trade off for his hearing experience in other settings?

I see online that Phonak sell an expensive bluetooth landline phone... Does that mean that this is a common problem or have I been captured into a very expensive cycle of purchasing extra aids for my Dad to make his hearing aids work? An unbiased opinion would be fantastic if you can spare the time...

Many thanks,


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  • Hi Charlotte, The Phonak hearing aids have a feature called DuoPhone / Acoustic Phone. When the handset of the phone is placed near the ear it should switch the hearing aid program and simultaneously send the voice to the other hearing aid to help you hear on the phone. Ask your Dad's hearing care professional about this. You just need to make sure the phone has a good magnetic induction strength as this is what triggers the hearing aids into the phone program. Your Dad's hearing care professional can adjust the phone program to help.

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