Finding a local Audiologist

I'm considering purchasing hearing aids privately.

What sort of things should I look out for when considering which local Audiologist to consult (belonging to a professional body, finding recommendations, reviews etc).

I'm based in East Kent.


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  • I've seen on Facebook that Regain hearing in Broadstairs are having an event at the Walpole Bay Hotel mid January, might be something worth dropping into to get a general idea or for somewhere to start. I'mconsidering going but not sure how productive a visit would be with my nearly 2 year old in tow! Then you've got Specsavers etc. As the previous poster said they will all carry different ranges and some hearing aids will have features that you won't want or need, may be worth having a google around so you have a rough idea of what you're looking for (or not looking for!) I don't have any personal experience with any local audiologists, I've only got as far as "you're hearing's not as good as it should be for your ageb ut not bad enough for aids" with the NHS a few years ago, my ears only need help with a couple of frequencies I doubt I'll tick the NHS boxes so also considering looking privately myself 

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