Phonak Marvel

So after a life long reliance on NHS hearing aids today I decided to go the private route having discovered that the new Marvel has classic Bluetooth rather then low energy Bluetooth which will benefit me. Am also fed up with the waiting time to get appointments to see a NHS audiologist for a simple alternation to a program etc. The Marvel will be able to be updated by an audiologist over the air using the phone app which is great. I was shocked at how small the Marvel is, opted for the smallest that takes the 312 batteries and its almost half the size of my Phonak Nathos UP current hearing aid. I do have to wait for the receiver to be made up as I am needing the most powerful one they do and due to holiday closures at Phonak I wont be picking up the new hearing aid until mid January. Will report back once I have it :)

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  • Hi

    I've been testing Marvel for last few days.

    The sounds is much more harsh than Signia Charge & GO. I have mild-moderate hearing loss.

    Phone - Connectivity

    Experience of connecting to iPhone 7 Plus - connects immediately to single hearing aid via bluetooth but streams to both. Strange! it works

    I modified the call settings to always route to headset as I understand that this can be an issue when taking calls.

    In noise environments I struggle to hear the caller.

    Phone - App

    Connecting to the app is not too successful. Several times I've had to disconnect bluetooth, delete the app and re-install the app to connect. The app seems very basic to adjust volume only. There is a choice to change program but my audiologist perhaps has not put any programs in place.

    Sound Quality - Streaming

    In a quiet room the sound is marginally better than previous hearing aids such as Widex beyond and Signia Charge & GO as the speakers are a little larger.

    If i plug my ears (i have open vents) the sounds could in theory be very good.

    No option to change bass etc..

    I wouldn't ever recommend using hearing aids for streaming music though with open vents. As soon as your in a noisy environment such as a train the sounds is not very good.

    Voice Clarity

    So far my experience of understanding speech is not great compared to previous hearing aids. I'm hoping this is just adjustment.

    Noisy Environment

    When in a noisy environment such as a cafe/resteraunt/pub the hearing aid was no better than my NHS hearing aids.

    360 Sound Focus

    This is quite amazing but annoying also. It does actually work and enable you to focus in on someone speaking. The downside is if I'm in a meeting with several people speaking this works against it. Likewise if I'm walking down the stream and someone is at the same of my (wife) then it's focussing too much on voices in front.

    I'm really disappointed with the hearing aid, sound quality is poor, background noise, app is poor. The hearing aid seems to be faulty also as I cannot switch the hearing aid back on without putting it in the charger.

    Thinking of going back to Signia Charge & Go or trying oticon