Phonak Marvel

So after a life long reliance on NHS hearing aids today I decided to go the private route having discovered that the new Marvel has classic Bluetooth rather then low energy Bluetooth which will benefit me. Am also fed up with the waiting time to get appointments to see a NHS audiologist for a simple alternation to a program etc. The Marvel will be able to be updated by an audiologist over the air using the phone app which is great. I was shocked at how small the Marvel is, opted for the smallest that takes the 312 batteries and its almost half the size of my Phonak Nathos UP current hearing aid. I do have to wait for the receiver to be made up as I am needing the most powerful one they do and due to holiday closures at Phonak I wont be picking up the new hearing aid until mid January. Will report back once I have it :)

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  • Picked hearing aid up yesterday. We spent 15 mins setting the sound up, got it to a point I am happy to try for a couple of weekd before making further adjustments. Here is my verdict so far....

    Connection to any other BT device is easy and you just have to remember to be sure that the HA is disconnected from previous devices as you can only connect to 1 device at a time. Connection to the phone app using Galaxy S9 is easy too and you just make sure the HA again is not already connected to another device as previously stated. 

    Now to the sound, for me it is the best I have had up to now. I still need adjustments to improve on it so not going to judge until I have had those done. However I can say that as the audiologist was making adjustments I could certainly hear differences even when tiny adjustments were made and I walked out from their office being able to hear them pretty well in comparison to my NHS aid. When streaming music sound is clear and it helps a lot adjusting the bass and treble on your phone too.

    My NHS aid has a bad reaction to very noisy environments and I hated the way it would put all the sound low but this one seems a bit more intelligent and does not drop it down too much however I assume this is adjustable.

    So far I like it and will get some programs made up as at moment have mics muted while BT streaming so will want a program that does not mute the HA mics. Love the size of this thing and am very happy to learn that the HA streaming is not affected by motorcycle engine noise and I assume aircraft noise too unlike my NHS aid when trying to use Roger Pen with phone for streaming while I ride.

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