Buying a new TV


I am thinking of buying a new TV with a budget of £300 or less

Can anyone recommend a TV from personal experience that has the following abilities

  • You can adjust the bass and treble or even better an equaliser
  • You can still here the TV in the room when you plug in headphones for joint listening
  • It is compatible with plugging in devices like headsets loops etc without causing sound to cut out
  • Any other useful features I haven't thought of

It just makes sense to ask as someone out there may be enjoying all of the above and can save me hours trawling through leaflets etc

Thanks in advance


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  • Can I refer you to my post  "TV and Loop problem" My tv is a smart tv and has many of the features you are looking for. Unfortunately there is a delay in the sound from picture to loop system. It is ok when I watch on my own with the tv sound off but when my wife and I watch together the constant echo of the sound makes it difficult to hear; I am thinking of getting a tv that's not a smart tv.