Decorative piece for a hearing aid


I'm Nicole, I am creating a practical decoration piece to disguise a BTE hearing aid and for this to become successful, I require honest opinion about my idea in itself and what designs I should incorporate into this project. I would be honored if you took your time to fill out this survey I have created in order to make this as successful as possible.

I believe the link below in blue works, if not please email me if you want the survey to be sent to you personally.

Thank you,

Nicole Kohhantsuk

Please fill out this questionnaire

  • I was willing to try it but when clicking this link it gives several ways to do this ,I'm unfamiliar with them but did try 3 or 4 and on my down load list here it says can't open file so being a non techie elderly woman I give up easily,so sorry but no

     Also I am one of many who doesn't want to hide my NHS  BTE aid,I prefer that people see that I wear one

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