Sporadic Roger Pen problem


I have a sporadic problem with my Roger Pen + X03 bands + DAI Shoes + Siemens Teneo HP+ hearing aids.

Occasionally, after inserting a new battery in to either of my hearing aids, or opening and closing the hearing aid drawer, no sound is received from the Roger Pen to that aid. It eventually comes through after an hour or so, or sometimes if I take out the X03 band and reinsert into the shoe.

Any ideas of the problem, or suggestions how to troubleshoot? I've purchased a further DAI shoe and it still persists. It can happen with either ear.

The supplier of the Roger Pen + X03 bands + DAI Shoes equipment had not heard of that problem before and suggested consulting Audiologist I got my Siemens Teneo HP+ aids from. With a 6 week wait for NHS Audiologist, I'm quite keen to see if I can resolve myself in meantime.


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  • Hi BitDBill, seems like a contact issue to me. If Roger is generally streaming well and occasionally you have an issue it's unlikely to be the Pen or the Roger X. If it's one side the issue is try swapping the shoes and receivers around, if the issue transfers from one side to the other that's your smoking gun. The DAI shoes are the low cost part of the kit and the part that's most prone to problems, if you don't want to faff about you might just take a view and buy one, maybe two DAI shoes and use for some general troubleshooting. This thing about the contact establishing itself after a while, that could be movement or more likely a slight expansion of the contacts due to bodyheat. Also the same logic applies by pulling it apart and putting it all back together, leads to potentially the same conclusion, a contact issue and most likely with the DAI shoe. You could also try rebooting the Pen, sometimes you find glitches building up in the transmitter in much the same way with a mobile phone, a reboot clears the memory, blows away the cobwebs and can often resolve wierd behaviour that develops over time.



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