TapSOS  need your help! 

TapSOS will soon be launching, but before they do, they would like any Deaf or hard of hearing to take part in final app testing.  If you are interested, please let them know by contacting them either by;

– sending us a tweet – messaging our TapSOS fb page. 

– or email info@tapsos.com.

All they need is your name and your email address so they can send you the link to download the app.

Once you have the link, they will invite you to take a look around the app, and create a test alert (not live). Theywould then appreciate any comments/ thoughts/ feedback you may have. These can be made within the app.

They are inviting 100 people only, so please do let then know soon if you would like to be part – beginning in February.

please click here for more information https://www.tapsos.com/