Loop +sound bar

I have a loop system to watch tv. People tell me how good soundbars are and how they enhance speech on tv. Would one have the same enhancement if  one is using an inductive loop? 

  • Hi PeterO

    If  you wear hearing aids then an induction loop would definitely enhance audio on the TV. The problem with watching TV when you wear hearing aids is that you are relying on the microphone on the aid to pick-up the audio. Hearing aids have their limitations when they are being used over distance and someone could be sat 12 feet or more from the television.

    The advantage of an induction loop is that the microphone on the hearing aid is not used, as the audio from the television is presented straight to the hearing aid via a telecoil in the hearing aid. This means that any ambient noise in the room is removed, so the user only hears what they want to, regardless of where they are sat in the room.  Additionally, volume and tone control on the induction loop amplifier allows the user to control the audio to suit.

    I hope this helps.

    Rachel on behalf of the Information Line

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