Phonak Marvel update

Hi guys thought I would give an update on the Marvel having now used it for just over 3 weeks. 

So a big reason for me searching for a new hearing aid that had bluetooth was to be able to stream bluetooth to the aid while on my motorcycle. Very pleased to say I am happy with the Marvel as it can stream music and google maps voice commands while you control the amount of external noise to the point you can turn the HA mic off while having seperate volume for the music streaming. In effect it all works very well.

I did not like how the HA would cut down sound too much when the HA picks up louder noise around you or wind in the HA as you could not hear someone talking due to the volume being dropped too much. The audiologist decided to reduce this effect and then add a 2nd program called Speech in Noise which I have not really tried yet. Am a lot happier now that the sound while muted does not mute too much and is at a better level to hear voice.

Music sounds great using the bluetooth streaming. When you are listening to music from TV or live etc the sound automatically gets a small boost and to me sounds a lil better regards base and clarity. It may be a lil bit too loud so will see if I can have the volume of that feature lowered a lil bit.

Really like the Phonak app which connects well to my HA and the sliding volume feature that mixes HA mic sound with streamed music sound is awesome allowing you to adjust which you want to hear louder/lower. Have been using the feature a lot myself and it is not something I was aware that could be done manually by the user. Very handy in the office especially.

I have the smallest version of the HA being the 312. I stream a lot and find the battery lasts around 3.5 days so I make sure have batteries in all my coats etc, cheap enough to buy from Amazon and I do not mind the inconvenience as now have a tiny aid compared to my huge NHS aid..

Thats all I can think of for now and hope it may be of use to someone.


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  • Thanks for the update. Very interesting about hearing in noise, and nothing worse than a motorbike.

    I had an appointment last week, and was told there will be newer NHS aids this summer. No clue as to what, but I have read somewhere they may have the Venture chip. But still tempted to try the Marvel, as at the moment, my hearing is very bad.

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