The WE SIM card from the AOHL shop some advice needed please

I already have an EE phone and I am happy with it, I have seen the 15pounds SIM card deal with extra internet use etc but I need to keep my number, how do or can I do this and if so is it simply the case of buying the SIM card and it will automatically give me the new price ie 15pounds per month, please advise as my phone is a simple PAYG with EE or do I need to buy a new phone thanks 

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  • The new SIM will come with its own number so you'll have to contact EE to move your number to it. I'm not familiar with them, some companies you have to phone, some have online guides or forms to put the numbers into. You shouldn't need a new phone, the new SIM will provide the extra texts and data as long as you pay the £15 per month, as a PAYG SIM it's likely you'll have to top up rather than set up direct debit

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