For musicians and hearing devices

I have recently been supplied from NHS with new Oticon synergy hearing aids  (a huge improvement from previous Spirit Zest ).        However ,  whilst the Zest with head phones were quite satisfactory (on the piano ) the new synergy   pick up feedback hiss when using with the same headphones.

I have tried plugging my roger pen to the piano and although very clear,   the sound quality is awful.         To be more precise, different voices produce better or worse sound.     ( I cannot use the piano with just hearing aids as we live in a flat and wife wants tv on ).

Yes I have tried the tone controls on the piano but still very unsatisfactory sound.      Maybe new headphones are the answer,   but researching various sites leaves a confusing response. Some say on-ear are best,  others say over-ear are best.   Connevens say headphones are not really compatible with hearing aids.    Richer Sounds say you cannot  have noise cancelling,   other people have found the opposite.

Many sites claim "throw the hearing aids and get the sound straight to your ears"  but none mention the terrible quality of sound.

So has anyone found reasonable piano quality for the deaf/hard of hearing?

  • Hi DavidSteel1

    Unfortunately I cannot understand music even to listen to. I do hear the TV reasonably well via a loop system.

    Would this be an answer for you? Sound would only be mono, because the HA`s would have to be in “T” mode. But it may be a way to get round the problem. Hopefully there will be enough volume, by changing the phones for a loop. Or you may have to use a headphone amp, as sold by Amazon.