Wisdom Tooth and Tinnitus

I know I've posted about jaw/dental problems before, but I was wondering whether anyone has had problems with T related to a wisdom tooth.

I have an impacted wisdom tooth at the top left of my mouth, in other words it grows sideways against my teeth, so will never fully come through. A private dentist offered to pull it but I wussed out and asked for a referral to the dental hospital, who decided it wasn't worth taking out (this was about 2 years ago).

It's started to push through more now. I just noticed last night while massaging my jaw that the bit where my ear feels strange (I can't describe it any more than that) is a milimetre away from this wisdom tooth. I shoved it backwards with my finger, which hurt, but it did seem to make my T go down for a while.

Getting an impacted wisdom tooth out is painful and expensive, so I don't want to do that if it's not necessary. Is it possible that this could be causing my T?
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  • Wisdom tooth removal, albeit a nerve-racking thought, is a very common dental procedure. Wisdom teeth may be removed in your dental office or in a surgical office.

    The best advice I can offer someone undergoing wisdom teeth removal is to thoroughly follow the instructions your dentist gives you before your oral surgery and after your wisdom tooth removal surgery. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your wisdom tooth removal, speak to your dentist before the date of your surgery.

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