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Hi am trying a white noise generator from today, does any one else here have one, and does any body know any one that has had positive results thanks mike
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  • To the person without a name:
    Where did you get a digital generator from? The NHS? My generator drives me mad as well. And if it is the NHS how did you get them to even adjust the sound. I've never been asked anything about the tinnitus sounds I hear, in the way: "Oh well, all tinnitus sounds are the same, aren't they?" As far as I 'm concerned doctors on the NHS don't take you seriously when you have tinnitus. In one year I came to see an audiologist twice (and the second time was after me complaining for not getting any appointment). On the first time, I was just given a generator, given some generic instructions and when I came back the second time and say that the generator was hurting my ear more than anything else, I was told that I MUST put it too loud.Huh???
    So please, let us know where you got this digital generator from? Please, please, please!!!!!
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